Rules concerning the living in this/these Recovery Home



1.  In the case of any eviction, the member being evicted has 1 hour to remove them self from the premises. Exceptions to this will be considered on a case by case basis.


2.  Any relapse is an immediate eviction.  For the purpose of this/these home relapse is defined as any consumption of alcohol, any consumption of illegal or synthetic drugs and any abuse of a prescription medication.  Abuse of a prescribed medication is considered as taking the medication in any fashion other than what is listed on the prescription on the outside of the bottle. Another form of medication abuse is the taking of a medication not prescribed to the person taking it.  For confirmation of use, urine analysis and/or Breathalyzer will be utilized. Failure to comply with a request for U.A. or Breathalyzer will result in eviction from the home.  If a person’s whereabouts is unknown for a 24 hour period it is considered a relapse.

     Relapse is the only rule in which the exceptions for eviction are NOT considered, in the event of relapse the person who has relapsed is to be out of the home with in 1 hour of the discovery of said relapse. Knowledge of another members relapse or of use of alcohol/drugs is to be reported to House Manager.  If it is determined that you had knowledge and failed to report it is considered a "cover up".  In the event of a "cover up" the person that had knowledge is just as guilty of relapse and subject to eviction also.


3. Disruptive behavior is grounds for immediate eviction.  It should be known that any action outside the home can and does reflect upon the ministry and the home.  Therefore disruptive behavior includes all activities inside and outside the home.  For the purpose of this/these home disruptive behavior is defined as the following:

      A.  Any physical altercation with another member of the house. If you are met with physical aggression and retaliate in a physical manner you will be subject to eviction also.

      B.  Theft of any kind from another member of the house or of the property of the ministry.

      C.  The breaking of any legal statute, municipal, state or federal.

      D.  The purposeful destruction of property, either of another member of the house, that of the house or of the ministry.

      E.  Failure to pay money owed to the house or to the ministry. The success of the program rests on your weekly payment of program fees. Therefore failure to pay program fees is considered disruptive behavior. Any member falling more than 2 weeks behind is subject to eviction.

      F.  Any harassment of another due to age, gender, race, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.


4.  All members of the house are to be home by curfew unless on an authorized night out.  Curfew is as follows: Sunday night through Thursday night 11:00 pm. Friday night and Saturday night 12:00 am (midnight). Failure to meet curfew will result in a minimum of a house fine, and can include eviction.

     Night out rules:

       A.  Must have House manager approval for night out, a minimum of 24 hour notice is requested.

       B.  Must be in house for a minimum of 30 days.

       C.  Must be current on all fees owed to the ministry and the house (including house fines).

       D.  Must check in every 24 hours with House manager or it could be considered a relapse.

       E.  Maximum number of nights out in a week is to be no more than 2 nights.

       F.  Must leave a location and a phone number of where you will be staying on said night/nights out.


5.  No overnight guests are allowed. Along with no one is allowed on the premises that are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Guests are allowed to visit, although they must remain in common areas of the home. Common areas include living room,kitchen and rest room. No guest is allowed in any members living area. All guests are to be off the premises by curfew, no exceptions.


6.  This is a ministry, therefore there will be absolutely no sexual activities allowed on the premises.  Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate eviction.


7.   You are required to work a minimum of 32 hours per week. If you are disabled or retired is acceptable that you volunteer for these hours at a local charitable organization. It is also acceptable to attend 32 hours of college accredited class course. In any case you are still required to meet the minimum of 32 hours per week or any combination thereof.


8.   Leaving personal items in a public area is unacceptable and can result in a house fine. House fines are assessed by House manager.  You are also expected to keep your living area in a neat and orderly fashion. Beds are to be made every morning prior to you leaving

      the home.  Failure to make bed or keep your area neat will result in a house fine.

      As for the kitchen, if you use it (dish, cup, pot, pan or silverware) you are responsible for

      cleaning it.  Simply put if you make a mess and you fail to clean it you are subject to a house



9.   It is unacceptable to enter another person’s living area unless invited.


10. Although there is no rule concerning when you must go to bed, we do need to respect others when they retire. Therefore, quiet time is from 10 pm until 6 am. This quiet time will include televisions, lights and loud talking within the living quarters. If you do not wish to go to bed and your room mate does, be considerate and leave the room.


11. This is a program, therefore you are required to make all classes and meetings.  Failure to attend a class will result in a house fine. Repeatedly missing classes can result in eviction from the house and program.


12. You are required to pay a deposit when entering the program and home.  If you are evicted for any reason you surrender said deposit.  Leaving the program without a minimum of a 2 week notice will result in surrendering of said deposit. Deposit will be returned to you if you have met the above conditions and there is no outstanding balance owed to the house, the ministry or program fees.